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Used Pallet Racks

What Is Pallet Racking? 

Pallet rack is a material-handling storage rack system designed to store products and materials on pallets in horizontal rows and vertical levels. Pallet racking uses horizontal beams that attach to vertical upright frames, creating industrial shelving to support pallets of material that can be accessed by forklifts.

Optional accessories like wire decking, column protectors, row spacers and safety guards are often purchased in addition to pallet racks.

A pallet rack starter section/bay is made up of horizontal uprights and multiple beam levels that often utilizes wire mesh decks on top of roll formed step beams. This configuration creates wire shelving levels that can be used for picking rack and provides users a warehouse storage system tailor-made for storing pallets.

Pallet rack is also known or referred to as:

  • Storage shelving

  • Bulk storage racks

  • Teardrop racks (or tear drop racks)

  • Warehouse shelving racks

  • Warehouse racking systems

  • Warehouse racks

  • Warehouse mezzanines

  • Pallet racking systems

  • Warehouse pallet shelving rack

  • Storage racking

  • Warehouse storage racks

  • Industrial pallet racks

  • Industrial racking systems

  • Pallet rack systems

  • Pallet racking storage systems

  • Industrial shelving

  • Rivet shelving racks

  • Pallet steel shelving

  • Pallet metal shelving

Dominion Racking's Used Pallet Racking Styles:

We carry a wide variety of used pallet rack styles. Tailored solutions to fit your business, warehouse, and facility storage area needs.

Popular Styles We Carry: 

  • Teardrop 

  • Structural

  • Keystone

  • Shaved Rivet

  • Interlake

  • Ridg-U-Rack

  • Republic

  • Sturdi-Bilt

  • Speedrack

  • Husky

Along with a variety of styles -- there's different heights, weight capacities, and storage solutions available.


Our team is here to help with your storage needs. Have more questions? Want a fast quote? Ask our team in the form below.  

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